Benefits of a Walking Meditation

Walking meditation means meditation in action. Meditation is a form of practice where you can train or induce yourself in order to achieve a certain goal. It was introduced a long time ago for religious purposes but it has become popular because you can either use it for soul searching or relaxation. It is best used for the beginners who will have a spiritual, mental and physical experience. You can either practice it in the park, house or any outdoor enviroment.

In most meditation, eyes are closed while in the meditation state but while walking, eyes are open. Reason being that, you don’t want to fall walking. You have to be aware of your surrounding like the sun, rain and human activity. When your whole body is moving, you are more aware of your surrounding than when your sitting. You will get to develop and feel that intense moment and feel relieved. Our daily activities has been linked with walking meditation. Walking to a nearby store or taking an evening stroll can be best described as a form of walking meditation.

When doing this meditation, you have to start walking in a faster pace and then slow down until you feel lazy. Walk more quickly and make sure you feel comfortable in body and mind. With these practice, your going to feel good and your body balance will be stable. Control on your breathing and make sure it is natural. Be aware of your surrounding but do not concentrate on them and make your eyes relaxed. Allowing them to smile and put all your worries behind. Put your own imaginations accompanied with beautiful scenarios. Walk slowly and feel the beauty of the earth in every step you take. This has to be put in practice everyday until you master the art.