How To Meditate Deeply – Tips For A Deep Meditation

There’s a lot to be said for deep meditation. You can almost shut out the whole outside world and be in your own personal meditation space. But the first question is still “how to meditate deeply”, especially if you’re still starting out with meditation. Here are some tips to help you experience a deep meditation.

Meditate deeply imageLearn to calm your mind

Most people’s minds are constantly buzzing. Thoughts are flying around our minds nineteen to the dozen. And if that’s happening when you start your meditation session you’re almost doomed to failure unless you do something about it.

Start by paying attention to those thoughts. Are they something that needs to be dealt with before you can embark on today’s meditation? Or are they just your mind’s equivalent of white noise? For most people, the answer is the second one. Which is good news!

Calming your mind takes a bit of practice but gets easier the more you do it.

Start with a few deep breaths. These are a great way to calm your body as well as your mind.

In your mind’s eye, see all those frantic thoughts leaving your body every time you breathe out. Notice them riding the air you’re expelling and maybe even see them burst like a soap bubble when they’ve got far enough away for you not to breathe them in again instantly.

To start with it may take ten, twenty, thirty or even more of these deep breaths for your mind to calm down but with practice you’ll be able to get to the same calmer state in a handful of breaths.

Stop worrying about whether you’re doing it right

This is the other major cause that stops people from meditating deeply.

Over analysis of whether or not you’re meditating correctly – let alone deeply – is a big stopping block for a lot of people.

Chill out!

Chances are that you are meditating right already.

But the constant questioning of yourself – almost constantly scoring yourself out of ten every minute or two – is getting in the way of achieving any meditative state let alone a state where you’re meditating deeply.

Stop concentrating so hard on whether or not you’re doing your meditation perfectly. Instead, just go with the flow and trust your body to know what’s best for you. Even if you’re clueless about this.

Get help

If those two simple steps don’t allow you to meditate as deeply as you’d like to, don’t panic.

Find a local class or an internet based course to help you.

There are plenty of these around and between them they cover every meditation method you’ve ever heard of and then some.

Pick one that you’re most comfortable with – whether it’s a traditional method of meditation such as breathing or walking or a more modern method such as using binaural beats to encourage your brain to reach a deep meditative state with almost no effort.

Then practice on a regular basis. Because practice is important in every area of our life and that applies to meditating deeply just as much as it does to anything else.

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