Meditation Techniques for Beginners

There are a number of different meditation techniques for beginners. Whilst you could pick up any technique when you’re starting out in meditation, it’s best to begin with something relatively simple. That may well be all that you need or it could be that it leads you in a slightly different direction with your meditating. Either way is good – the important step is starting to meditate in the first place. We’ll look at a few of the different methods here.

Meditation techniques for sleep

A lot of people have difficulty sleeping and some of the reason for that is all the stress and strain that we encounter in our lives. Another is that we don’t switch off early enough – our brain is like almost any other machine and doesn’t stop thinking immediately we decide it’s time to sleep.

Meditation techniques for beginnersThe meditation technique I use for sleep is to listen to a binaural beats meditation for 30 to 60 minutes and let my mind unwind whilst that’s happening. For me, I find this is simple to do and once you get in the routine it’s actually quite easy to lie down in bed, headphones on and just cut off from the outside world. Sometimes my mind will be buzzing for the first half of the track, other times I find myself falling asleep during the track. But either way, I find that I’m more able to have a good, deep, relaxing sleep this way.

Meditation techniques for stress

Most meditation techniques will help with stress as they all help you to relax and unwind.

The best technique for you will depend on your daily schedule but my recommendation would be to start with a technique such as a breathing meditation that can be slotted in to your routine regardless of the amount of free time (or lack of). Another simple meditation technique that can be built into any day’s routine is a walking meditation. Again, no matter how busy your schedule, this can be worked in and will help to reduce the stress you’re experiencing.

If you can spare more time then take a look at a guided meditation to help your body relax more fully or listen to a binaural beats meditation to bring your brainwaves down to a slower level and relax that way.

Meditation techniques for anxiety

These work in a similar way to the techniques for stress relief. Any of the techniques mentioned there will have a similar helpful effect for reducing your anxiety levels.

Most anxiety is caused by worrying about things that “might” happen. Sometimes it’s also things that have happened – such as a losing job or grieving over a loved one – in which case I’d suggest getting hold of a guided meditation to help you with the process of getting your life back on track.

If it’s things that might happen that are causing your anxiety then a general meditation will be of use.

The best all round meditation technique I’ve found is one that requires no real effort apart from listening to an MP3: binaural beats meditation.

The binaural beats work behind the scenes to get your brainwaves to the desired level and there’s no interaction needed from yourself. Best of all, there’s no learning curve either. It really is as simple as putting on your headset and pressing play.