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What is Breathing Meditation?

Breathing meditation is the total focus on breath that enables you to let go any thought you may have in order to relax your body and mind so as to heal and rejuvenate. Generally, its purpose is to calm the mind in order to create an inner peace.

Just like a person who has woken up from a deep sleep feels refreshed, breathing meditation can do the same if you take part in a session daily. You can use it to reduce distraction before taking part in a Lamrim meditation.

There are many breathing meditation techniques but beginners should use the simpler technique.

First find a quiet place where you will sit comfortably. You should sit in any position that you feel comfortable in. If you wish you can even sit on a chair. Just make sure that your back is kept straight. This is important as it stops your mind from feeling sleepy and sluggish.

Sit down and close your eyes partially then focus on your breathing. Try to breathe naturally through the nostrils and do not attempt to control your breath then try feeling the breath’s sensation as it gets in and out through nostrils. The object of this breathing meditation is the sensation. So try to concentrate on it and leaving everything else out of your mind.

At first your mind will become very busy and may feel as if it is becoming busier from the meditation. In the real sense it is just how busy your mind is. As different thoughts arise you will be tempted to follow them, but you should try to resist them and focus on the sensation only. The moment you notice that you are drifting away, you should immediately return to the meditation. Do this regularly till you mind focus on the breath.