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Everything To Know About Christian Guided Meditation

God loves us and desires to communicate with us – that is He teaches us to pray. Prayer is not just something we say to God after reading the Bible or a certain Christian guided meditation article.

Instead it is a releasing of the soul to God, a surrendering of our time, a giving of our attention to almighty God. God delights not in knowing what we think – He already does. His delight is in our decision to put aside whatever may be the focus of our attention and giving that moment to Him. For as we do that, we acknowledge, as the Psalmist did in Psalm 119:73 `You created me, and you keep me safe; you give me understanding, so that I may learn your laws’.

When we pray, our aim should be to know God. However, we often treat prayer as a request session. We concentrate on the gifts in God’s hands and ignore instead the hand of God. We pray for a good job, good grades in school, a safe place to stay. Many of us, when we do get these blessings from God, forget the Lord himself until the next time we need something else.

But God is not there to help us pay our bills or to heal us of our illnesses. He is able to offer us much more than that. Those of us who are satisfied to only receive small gifts from the Lord miss out on the best part of prayer – the reward of communicating and communing with our Creator.

In the gospel of Mark, a blind man, says to Jesus, `Rabbi, I want to see’. Jesus said `Go, your faith has healed you’. It is important to note that the man, when he received his sight, immediately followed Jesus. The gift of sight was less important to him than the gift of the presence of the Saviour who had healed him. The blind man had learned what few of us do – that the small gifts that God bestows upon us are given to help us catch a glimpse of His power and love. There is no more important lesson to be taught in this christian guided meditation.