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Learn Meditation for a Happier Life

Meditation is the ancient art of teaching oneself to relax the mind and body. In this fast paced world of ours, life can get very hectic and because we are controlled by our earthly desires we often abuse our body to a great extent.

And what we often fail to realize is that, we don’t need to take expensive vacations or see a shrink to deal with our stress, we are perfectly capable to deal with it on our own.

You can learn meditation to calm the mind: this may seem pointless to many but often when we are very stressed out taking a break and doing absolutely nothing may be the best solution.

Any person of any age can learn to meditate: regular meditation can help with maintaining blood pressure, build self confidence, increase learning ability and memory, reduce anxiety attacks and most importantly deal help to deal with stress.

You can learn meditation by yourself: there is no need to pay for an expensive meditation course (although these can help short-cut the process).

There are however a couple of things which need to be fulfilled in order to help you meditate and help you to find that it is easy and fun to learn.

Start by choosing an ideal location where you can relax, preferably a place which is quiet, does not have too many distractions and is not too bright or too dark.

Be seated on a chair or the floor: your body should be upright and your head at a comfortable angle.

Put your hands on the lap and close your eyes, this shuts down two of your senses: touch and sight.

Breathing is another very important part for medication: breathe slowly and concentrate on the exhalation and inhalation.

Let go of all your thoughts, and focus on your breathing and try visualizing it. Keep at it as long as possible, you will find yourself rejuvenated and revitalized at the end of it.