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What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfuless meditation is not to be confused with other forms of meditation. It is a non religious and non secular form of meditation that does not involve the use of religious symbols, special clothes or a particular sacred locations in other to practise it.

The goal in mindfulness meditation is to attain a certain state of consciouness or awareness with your daily experiences.It involves living life on a moment by moment basis they by allowing you to have a conscious exerience of life intead of thinking of the future. It aims to free the mind completely of every thought there by relaxing the body to such a extent that all your thoughts begin to disappear. This type of meditation technique helps you to relax your mind and body in a relatively simple way.

For starters all you need to start this kind of meditation is seek out a peaceful and quiet location where you can meditate privately without being distracted or disturbed. You can then proceed to choose a meditation posture that you find comfortable, the next step is to free your mind of all form of worry or anxiety and observe your breathing, the way chest expands and contracts, all in a non judgemental way, just observing utill all thoughts begin to disappear.

Do note that for a beginner it is advised that you practice mindful meditation for not more than thirty minutes at a time.Remember that during this process that your only focus is on the now and not the future,focus on the breaths you are taking and how the air feels in your lungs ands you approach the end of your session gently allow your beathing as your anchor to bring back to the present reality.

The daily practice of this type of mediation has the potential to put your mind at ease and free you from all stress.