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What is Meditation?

What is meditation? We have heard about it many times. However, our practical understanding may be different from its technical definition. Keeping your cool through a deep mental concentration or relieving stress through yoga may seem to be an act of meditation. But is it?

Meditation in its simplest form is a state when your mind is alert while going through a condition of profound thought and peaceful reflection, calming the mind and silencing the body. This will start the foundation of a more diverse level of mind and emotional transformation.

It is believed that meditation is a powerful way of realizing your ultimate prospective. In reality, anyone who achieves his highest level of awareness through a deep yet alert mind concentration will come to realize his full holistic potential.

Meditation brings limitless boundaries. It covers all human being from all walks of life, gender, race, culture, religion and nationality. It explores our spirit and emotions overcoming fear, stress, hate, anger and negativity. Meditation facilitates a healthy mind and body and it works to induce a sound communal transformation by seeking to engage more people in this practice. It is not a religion. You will not be breaking any rules of spiritual or any laws of humanity by carrying out meditation as a regular routine.

The Latin root word of Meditation is Mederi which means “to heal”.

Meditation has been around for many centuries. It can be traced as early as the biblical era. Other forms of meditation also blossomed from China and India involving Taoism and Buddhism. In general, meditation is used to govern a greater mental well-being and develop a healthy self-control providing a feeling of complete tranquility. Here are some of the wide-ranging benefits of meditation.

-Immune boosting
-Manages hypertension
-Helps control insomnia
-Decreases blood lactate levels
-Gives emotional stability